'Irresistible slice of cosy adventure'

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Hello! I’m C J Wray.

The C is for Chris and the J is for Jinx. I’m the author of WW2 romp The Excitements.  It’s my personal tribute to the ‘Greatest Generation’ - both the brave young people they were and the formidable older people they became.

I like to think of The Excitements as three books in one: it’s a comedy, a history and a mystery. I hope you have as much fun reading my book as I had writing it. As my heroines Penny and Josephine would say, stay ‘Toujours gai!’

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'Irresistible… Filled with surprise, poignancy and excitement. This is a surefire winner.’


‘This novel is the perfect mix of poignant, shocking and laugh-out-loud funny.’


‘The only downside was having to put this book down once I’d finished!’


‘Full of irrepressible fun and tales of derring-do.’


‘I adored the two leads in this fun and thrilling mystery.’


‘I adored this novel.’

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What Readers Are Saying

Jill Mansell

"I love this book so SO much! It's gorgeously written, about two ex war heroines, now in their 90's but still bright and sparky."

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Mike Gayle

''Not all heroes wear capes, some wear M&S cardigans! A triumph!"

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Alexandra Potter

'Just pure joy from start to finish.'

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Jenny Colgan

'Utterly charming and engrossing'

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SJ Bennett

'Funny, thrilling and brilliantly researched.'

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Lucy Dillon

'A glorious, rip-roaring adventure, so funny and charming, yet laced with unexpected moments of real tenderness and reflection'

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Kate Eberlen

''The literary equivalent to a perfect Martini, The Excitements is sharp, delicious, instantly mood-lifting and utterly intoxicating.'  

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